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Pure CSS3 Button Press Animation

Web developers are using JavaScript to make press animation for buttons but there is no need to user JavaScript codes for doing this because CSS3 makes it possible without any JavaScript code. Using this css is so easy. We will show css3 animation button click with examples.

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Pure Css Tab Navigation Menu

In this article, I will show you how to crate CSS tab navigation menu without JavaScript. There is no even one line JavaScript code. This css tab navigation menu works with IE9, Firfox 3.6+, Opera 11, Chrome and Safari.

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Image Slider Pure CSS3

This article will show you how to make pure css3 image slider. This is very simple example of css3 image slider. We are going to use :target selector of css3. We will use only one line JavaScript for initiating it. This Css3 slider works properly with all browsers except IE. The slider works without animation on IE.

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Social Media Icons without Image

Sometimes webmasters need to add Social Media icons. If they are added as a image, this situation increases the size of web site. Here you can find Social Media Icons without Image. This is pure CSS.

– Facebook Icon
– Twitter Icon
– LinkedIn Icon
– Delicious Icon
– Rss Icon

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Css3 Animated Checkbox

You can insert Iphone style checkboxes into your forms. There is no need to use javascript for doing it. You can do it with CSS3. You can find pure CSS3 animated checkbox below.

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