Speed Up WHM Server

1. Disable Stats Programs


2. Disable Piped Log Configuration


3. Disable Mod Security

4. Disable Features | Home » Packages » Feature Manager » Edit Feature List

– Awstat
– Bandwidth Stats
– Leech Protect
– Disk Usage Viewer
– CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage
– Webalizer

5. Disable cPanel Updates

Home » Server Configuration » Update Preferences

How to compress folders in the Terminal

If you want to make a zip without those invisible Mac resource files such as “_MACOSX” or “._Filename” and .ds store files, use the “-X” option in the command so:

zip -r -X archive_name.zip folder_to_compress

Exclude .DS_Store Files from Zip Archives

zip -r archive_name.zip folder_to_compress -x “*.DS_Store”

centOS Server Speed Test

wget wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py
chmod a+rx speedtest.py
sudo mv speedtest.py /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli
sudo chown root:root /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli

speedtest-cli –share

NetworkManager Problem on WHM Install

2017-12-30 23:29:44 586 (ERROR): ********************* ERROR *********************
2017-12-30 23:29:44 587 (ERROR): NetworkManager is installed and running, or
2017-12-30 23:29:44 588 (ERROR): configured to startup.
2017-12-30 23:29:44 589 (ERROR):
2017-12-30 23:29:44 590 (ERROR): cPanel does not support NetworkManager enabled
2017-12-30 23:29:44 591 (ERROR): systems. The installation cannot proceed.
2017-12-30 23:29:44 592 (ERROR):
2017-12-30 23:29:44 593 (ERROR): See https://go.cpanel.net/disablenm for more
2017-12-30 23:29:44 594 (ERROR): information on disabling Network Manager.
2017-12-30 23:29:44 595 (ERROR): ********************* ERROR *********************
2017-12-30 23:29:44 596 (FATAL): Exiting…

– Deactivate firewall

iptables-save > ~/firewall.rules
systemctl stop firewalld.service
systemctl disable firewalld.service

– Deactivate NetworkManager

systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
systemctl disable NetworkManager.service
systemctl enable network.service
systemctl start network.service

Your system is missing the file /etc/fstab.

You may get the following warning when you try to install WHM into your server.

Your system is missing the file /etc/fstab. This is an essential system file that is part of the base system.
Please ensure the system has been properly installed.

Here are the solution.

#cat /proc/mounts > /etc/fstab
#chmod 644 /etc/fstab